5 Confessions From a Real Mom


These confessions might shock you. So if you are a mom that has it together all the time and never do anything shocking then don’t read this post. Or maybe you should read it so you will either relax a little or I will help you feel even better about yourself.

1. Popcorn is served for breakfast!

Yep. I have and will continue to serve popcorn (occasionally) for breakfast. My husband was appalled when he saw me do this one day but I put his mind to ease when I said “what is the problem? Honestly this is just like corn pops; just the dollar store version.”

2. My child has gone 5 days without a bath.

Swimming in a pool counts as a bath right?!? Right?! Can I get an amen?

3. I have lied to my child about having super hero powers.

I have lied. There I said it! I have told my son I know about things he does when I am not around because I can see into the future. I have told my daughter that I have super strength because I do the laundry. She now helps with the laundry every time I do it. She is getting so strong! I can tell!

4. I gave my child a three course meal the very first time I was told by their doctor they could eat food.

Yeah. My pediatrician gave me the thumbs up on starting my child on food; so I went to the store and bought every kind of food gerber had. I feed that child at least a little of every kind of baby jar food at every meal. Good thing they didn’t have food allergies. I didn’t know any better until the next check up. 3 months later.

5. My children can speak in movie quotes.

They can carry a full conversation in just movie quotes. Some movies they have probably never even seen but have heard dad and I quote it and so they copy it. Either way movies have helped shaped my children’s vocabulary and I am okay with that.

Okay so these may not be that shocking. Some may just be more humorous than anything else. However, I needed to share. I needed to get it out there that I am not perfect. I don’t have my stuff altogether all the time. Lately things have been tough in the mom department and all I can do is take deep breaths and remind myself of His strength that comes in during my weakness. I remind myself of His love and grace that completely swoops in when I mess up. I remind myself God picked me to be their mom and I have to trust that I may not always get in perfect but I will always be shown grace, forgiveness, mercy but most of all love.

I felt confessing my MMM(messy mommy moments) take away the power from satan beating me up with them. I wanted others to have the power to stand up and say I am doing the best I can and I am okay. We can all do better and we all have things to work on but why sit back and keep these things to ourselves when we should lean into each other and loudly confess our silly moments , laugh about the time we dropped dirty diaper on the floor dirty side down….. Yucky I know …
And move on from them.

So ladies stop hiding your mistakes. Confess and move on. Laugh a little and don’t worry if donuts were served yet again for breakfast! You are awesome and today while folding laundry I just know super powers are being placed deep in your heart!


Bad Days

The Shirelles in 1961 sang “mama said there’ll be days like this” but long before they sang that song His word declared “when anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul” Psalm 94:19.

The message says it this way “when I was upset and beside myself you calmed me down and cheered me up.”

God is not surprised by our anxiety, stress, fear, sadness, anger; or lack of trust. He can handle it and already knows about it.

Sometimes we get upset and think God where are you?!? He never left us. He knew we would have bad days and He is ready to calm you down and cheer you up!

Will you let him?

Quietly Wait

“I wait quietly before God for my victory comes from Him.” PS 62:1 NLT

When I read this verse two things jump off the page: wait and quietly.

Umm- Lord this is impossible. I am a woman who does not like to wait and quietly- bahahahaha – that is funny!!!Oh wait; your serious God…. Oh…. Well anyways back to the verse.

Wait and Quietly. These two things are first before the victory.

Waiting means stay where one is or delay of action. Also, the dictionary says “a period of waiting.” Meaning- could be long.

So waiting, patiently waiting. Doing nothing. That is hard enough but quietly follows that.

Quietly is making little or no noise. My spirit hears no whining, complaining or venting. Complete silence.

These two things are very difficult however VICTORY comes after these two things. The victory comes from him! We wait quietly before God. We wait quietly with God.

Don’t we all want victory? How many times have we spoken about things (not being quiet) or how many times have we done something (not waiting) and the victory seemed to have never happened or been delayed? Starting today will you wait quietly?

Happiness in Hope

C.S. Lewis says “Do not let your happiness depend on something you may lose.”

If we base out happiness on things or jobs or people we might be looking for happiness…. always. That doesn’t sound very comforting if you ask me.

The bible says “My hope is in you.” PS. 39:7

Hope means: expectation-expectancy-expectance- trust or promise.
Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

So when you put your hope in God then you will find true happiness. He will never fail you. He will provide all things that your heart needs. He will guide you. He will be your hope.

Today will you look to him? Will you allow him to provide your happiness?


God met me more than half way.
PS. 34:4-6 MSG

When in a moment of UGH – crap- do you run to him or from him?

Do you ever wonder what am I going to do now?

Do you know that He is for you!?

This is not just some “Christian church talk” here. This is TRUTH! He promises that He is for you! He wants you to run to Him! Trust Him! He can take it! He can and WILL handle it.

So next time run to him! He is already waiting for you MORE than half way.

Rock Solid

Rock bottom can be viewed as good or as bad.

Isn’t everything always all about perspective.

Maybe you don’t know what rock bottom means?

Many people believe you hit rock bottom when you are in the worse situation. The lowest possible low you could be in.

People refer to hitting rock bottom after losing a job, or home, a relationship, or having a bank account at zero.

However, what if they were wrong? What if all this time hitting rock bottom was the best possible situation to be in?!

Is it possible you can hit rock bottom over and over again if your rocks are not solid?

I am starting to believe that rock bottom is the best place to be in when you need to start over. Maybe when we hit rock bottom we actually are in a good spot instead of a bad? What if when you hit rock bottom (and trust me you will- we all do) you looked at the rocks that you were hitting?

Yep I asked you to look down. Look at the rock under your feet. Look around at the rocks that surround you. Who made the rocks? What do the rocks represent? Who is the rock? What rocks need to stay and what rocks need to go?

See I feel like I am at a place in my life that I have hit rock bottom.

According to some I should hate this place. I should be climbing my way back up. However, if I just start climbing back up on bad rocks, I will eventually end right back at rock bottom; won’t I?

So instead of climbing, I am on my knees. I am face down. I am looking at the rocks and throwing out the old rocks that my life was once built on. God was among the rocks in my life, but he was not the rock. Rocks like perfection, people pleasing, pride, shame, hate, unforgiveness etc etc were more in abundance and cluttering my foundation.

I am asking God to remove my bad rocks and replace with new rocks.

I have hope and I KNOW I won’t be at rock bottom forever. He has promised me that.

However for now rock bottom has been good for me. Rock bottom has my eyes re-focused on his glorious face and doing the hard work to have a solid foundation.

My foundation will be solid because it will be based on him. He won’t just be a few small rocks that are thrown in for good measure.

I had to hit rock bottom to find out who and what was my foundation was built on. It was not good. If I hadn’t hit rock bottom I would not have ever have known what was on my bottom. He was there, but he was being covered by a whole lot of fake rocks. He was not okay with that and quite frankly I am glad he wasn’t.

I am currently at rock bottom to build a new foundation. A new foundation that is solid. Replacing worldly rocks with one rock. A perfect rock. A solid rock. That rock is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

I had to hit rock bottom to: become who He wanted me to be, to find out who I really was, to find him, to really say I trust him and to really be able to say that I am all in.

So when I am ready to start climbing my foundation will not be based on lies, half truths or other people but will be built on the King.

Hitting rock bottom was so that my life would be different. Don’t we want our lives to be different?

I had to hit rock bottom and thankful it happened.

I want my life to be set firmly on His rocks. The rocks he provides. The rocks he gives. The rocks that he wants in my life like grace, mercy, love, opportunities etc etc.

I had to hit rock bottom to see who was all in with me. To see what friends were solid rocks and to have room for new solid rocks.

If I had not ever been to rock bottom I would have never been truly free. I would have always been stepping on rocks that would have easily moved me or shaken me.

So when you hit rock bottom. Love it. Don’t make a home there and stay there. But love that the opportunity to start over. Do the hard work of starting over. Lay the right foundation down. Fall on your face, look around and start asking Him to get rid of the rocks he doesn’t want in your life. Keep only the ones He places. Then look up and start rebuilding.


Best Seat

one lonely random chair
created for a purpose
left by the busy highway road
waiting to be rescued
or perhaps just waiting
for someone to see its worth
its value and beauty
it truly had the best seat
the best view of the pretty sunset
but everyone is so busy
they just kept driving by
missing their chance to recognize

the chair continues to wait in the golden light with a beautiful view ahead