Five Minute Friday: Lost



Just a little girl who needed her mother.

Someone to hold her and love on her when she needed it most.

The little girl was so lost with out her mother. Always wondering was it her? Was it something she had done?

The feeling of lost took a deep root.

Just a mother who needed her mother.

Someone to hold her and love on her when she needed it most.

The mother so lost. So very lost.

The mother not sure how to be a mother, because she too had once been a lost little girl; a little girl waiting for her mother. Wondering was she enough? Could anyone every love her?

The feeling of lost took control.

The little girl grew up fast.

The little girl one day was found. Feeling no longer lost and knows she was never lost to him.

Grateful He seeks the lost to save them.

Her heart still aches for the lost mother. The lost time between them. The lost smile and memories. She prays for all the lost mothers to be found.

Do you like to write? Do you like to write without editing? Have you ever noticed that when you just write raw that it seems to come out better than when you go through correct, filter and make it pretty for others?

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Happy Weekend!


I’ll Carry On


What if for a moment you actually believed that?

What if right now that thing you are worried about or perhaps upset about; what if you remembered that God is here with you and He will see you through this trial …and the next trial….and the one after that…

all with grace….

How would that change your thoughts? Your heart? Your attitude? Your actions?

What if you remembered during this very battle and the next battle these few things:

He is for me.

All I need to do is stand.

He will strength me.

I will be restored.

He loves me.

I will be rescued.

He opens doors that no man can close.

I belong to him.

He chose me.

I will always be guided and satisfied.

He will shelter me.

I cannot stop His plan for my life.

He will fight for me.

I do not need to fear or doubt.

He saved me.

I will fix my eyes on the unseen.

Simple truths that help give you big victories. Standing on His word may not change the battle today but it will give you inner peace which in the long run wins the war.

Grace carried you here and by grace you will carry on.




Oh how I long to run around naked everyday, all day…every where.

Totally free to put myself all out there.

Completely unashamed.

Abandoned of what others may think.

Freedom from what others may say.

I want to not cover up out of fear.

I want to stop hiding.

This desire to not be too much but to be enough is exhausting.

Tired of the masks that I feel forced to wear.

I want to smile when I want to smile.

And I want to cry when I want to cry.

Would I or could I dare to be brave, to be bold to bare it all?

I long to display it all.

I long to not scrutinize.

I long for others to join.

I long to expose my true self and to see others the way he made them, too.

Where can my heart finally be naked and free?

When can I be who I was made to be?

When will I feel completely safe to be the way he created me to be?

Oh this heart of mine….maybe it is time….no longer caged… No longer living up to expectations from any one but him….go…dare to be you…dare to bare it all.

Heart be naked and free.




I release you.

Sounds so ugly but really it is a beautiful thing.

In my mind and in my heart; I have released many things that needed to be free.

Like the clouds that finally break open, and release the sunlight that is burning to be free behind them.

Freeing my mind.

Release is an act of love.

Release is an act of trust.

Release expectations.

Release hurt.

Release anger.

Release your stuff.

Release allows more of Him.

Attitude Adjustment


I love this verse. Colossians 3:22-25. I really needed it today. I needed to be reminded who I really work for.

I needed an attitude adjustment.

The NIV version says “22….not only when their eye is on you to win favor BUT with sincerity of the heart and reverence of The Lord. 23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for The Lord, not for men. ”

Whatever you do. Let me write that again- WHATEVER you do. Whatever means: anything or everything or in any case (according to Webster).

May I dare say all that you do.

Now what is work? Work can be anything. Laundry. PTA. Dishes. Volunteer stuff or maybe it is your actual job.

Whatever “work” may look like in your life do it for Him! Not for men.

I know things get stressful and we all have had crappy days when we just want to quit or have felt unseen or unheard or just down right unhappy.
Have you ever wondered am I doing anything right?!? However what if the next time you take a breath and think “who do I really work for?”

Now that is an attitude adjustment that truly goes straight to the heart.




I don’t know about you but sometimes this girl just needs to be free. Free from editing or correcting or censoring. Five minute Fridays gives me time to just do that. To write from my heart and sometimes my mind without filtering. Worrying. Fixing.

If you need a moment to write freely like that join

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Happy Friday I hope to see you join this link up and I can’t wait to read you freed up writings.



Mine are weak but his are strong…

Why do I forget this many times a day?

I have only two hands. Yet, I try to carry the world.

He did not make me to carry the world…Oh how I try though…every day.

I have two hands yet many times I act like I have a dozen.

I drive a car, talk on the cell phone and try to open up a water bottle for the child in the back seat.

I know in these many moments he gently reminds me two hands daughter.

Just like my daddy did when teaching me to drive. Two hands on the wheels…10 and 2….

Only two hands.

Why do I feel like two is never enough.

My servants heart paired with the achiever in me seems to think these two hands can handle it all.

Most days when trying to juggle it all with these two hands and all has failed; I throw my hands straight up and scream “I give up! here God you do it.”

He quickly sweeps in and reminds my soul “oh how I love to see your hands up…empty… Free…no chains….”

In many of my “don’t have enough hand moments ” I can feel him grabbing my hands. Dancing with me. Reminding me of who I am.

His hands with deep scars, interlocked with mine, remind me that two hands were enough to be nailed to a cross for me.

His hands are strong. Mine are weak.

My two hands were made to worship a king.

My two hands will be raised high…. At 10 and 2…Empty and free.

two hands are enough daughter



I scream,
I fight;
I get a little mad.

I cry,
Hot tears come
Then the anger erupts again.

After the grief
The peace comes in;
Like a wave that rushes in quickly and wipes everything clean.

Then the process begins again.