10 Books Worth Reading

I wish I could say I knew of only one book that fixed it all for me. I wish I could say that I had in my entire life had only ever read one self help book.

I wish I could say that. However, I cannot.

Instead, I have read many help me fit in, say the right thing, be what everyone else wants me to be and stop screwing it up self help books.

I wish that I could say that I had found just one that made me a better mommy, friend, wife, woman and healed all my hurts. However, I never did.

So on my amazing self discovery journey I have read many- MANY- MANY wonderful books. All in some way have helped me. I believe a lot of stuff that I needed to fix change came with age, wisdom and just more importantly truly seeking Him.

God has changed me. Being Less like the world and more like Him….change me. Being brave to be myself and quite frankly not give a damn….game changer for me. Having a great friend that just loved no matter what…. CHANGED ME!

So after saying all that – I do have some favorite self help books that did help. So, here are a few recommendations to help you on your journey.

1. Waking the dead– John Eldredge
This book opened my heart. Made my eyes open to the spiritual war and how my heart and mind are attacked.

2. Captivating -another book of hi. Some people can’t get pass the first few chapters but I always tell people press in because there is a lot of good stuff in there and the beginning it can’t say I agree with it.

3. His wife wrote a book called Becoming Myself.It was not bad. I got a lot of good stuff about fear and was able to really let God take me to a new level of risk.

4. Love Does was excellent. Just gets you to realize to just love. Love yourself and others. Loving others in a way that really makes no sense but is perfect. It is stories about his own life and the knowledge he gained over the years. This book lit a fire in me.

5. Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst was excellent!! It is about being wise about listening to his voice and not your feelings. She is fabulous by the way. She has a new book out The Best Yes and yes I am going to read it.

6. Undaunted by Christine Caine. If you don’t know who Christine Caine is you need to immediately check her out. Her sermons and books will get you out of your comfort zone and make you want to dream bigger.

7. The Lies Women Believe is okay. I don’t agree with all of it ,but it makes you think and don’t we all need to think more?

8. I love reading daily Jesus Calling . Sarah Young will capture your heart. She can and will
draw you near to him. I am quite addicted to reading her book every morning, afternoon and night. This directs my heart and mind back to Him daily!

9. Stop the Pain which sounds like a horrible title but will give you a new perspective on how we judge people by our past hurts and not truth. This can and will turn around a lot of things for you because your view of yourself and more importantly others.

10. A book about shame, Free yourself, Be Yourself is another book that has a bad titled but I think they renamed. I don’t know if it is a book for everyone but whoa one part of the book needed to be read as boy am I ever grateful for the wisdom!!!

I am sure I could go on and on but I said 10 in my titled so I will stop there.

Due to the many seasons of trying to find the right book to make me all better…. I have read many…. And would love to give my highly opinionated review on all of them but I better not. No one has time for that.

Each of these books lead me back to Him. It was no mistake I read them or read them when I did. They just were not a magic solution to my problems nor did they give me some secret formula to live by. They did give me a lot wisdom and truth though which in the end is more valuable then a formula that doesn’t works. These book taught me to listen to His voice over the annoying crowd, to love at all times, to be brave, to be real and to love without being afraid of the opinions of others about you or who you should be.

Oh how I wish I had learned that early in life.