Mother’s Day or Just a Day


 Today was Mother’s Day. I am sure many of you know that. This day leads many of us women down different roads.  Some roads are not happy sunshine roads but dark, and gloomy roads! 

This day made me sad!! I didn’t have a special brunch or dinner.  No massage! No special outfit.  It was just another day.  I went to  church but it was not uplifting; seeing everyone looking so cute and every one chatting about their big plans for the day.  The rest of the day just made me even more keenly aware of the wounds in my heart. The deep hurts. 

My heart is weeping! I am still a little depressed.  However; as I sit, some thoughts came to mind.  I started thinking of not just me; but others.  I wondered if my heart felt like this what did theirs feel like?! 

Today I am sure many of you had a special breakfast…a special lunch or dinner… Maybe a special gift….. Maybe a great weekend of celebrating you!! 

Maybe some of you spent it missing your mom or mourning the loss of your mom; or your mom and you don’t have the relationship you long for.  

Maybe you aren’t a mom after years of trying. Or maybe you lost a child and this Mother’s Day was harder than you thought… I feel like whatever your day looked like ….

You need to know you are celebrated EVERYDAY by the one who created you. God doesn’t need a day created by Hallmark or a day circled on a calendar to love you, or to hear you, to tell you how special you are and 

He doesn’t wait for a special occasion to overwhelm you with LOVE!!! You are his SPECIAL OCCASION every day! 

Tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the day after that- HE WILL ALWAYS BE SHOWERING YOU WITH LOVE. 

So regardless of what today looked like or felt like remember you are his beloved. HIS WORTHY BELOVED! Not a failure. Not a mistake.  Not unvaluable! 


This is the truth. This is not a church girl just saying this.  This is not a person posting something clever to get her blog read.  This is a woman who is speaking straight from her heart! 

So ladies look in mirror! Hear what your Heavenly Father is saying to you! Today you are celebrated by the only one who matters! AND He will celebrate you tomorrow! AND He will celebrate you for life.