keeping it real

I am starting to wonder how much social media does one person or society really need. 

Instagram. ✔️ yep, on it.

Facebook. ✔️ yep, got it.

Twitter. ✔️ signed up.

Pinterest. ✔️✔️✔️ on it, got it and use it. 

Google+. ✔️ I guess I need that too. 

Snapchat. ✔️ um yeah okay.

And now trending Periscope. ✔️ oh hell. 

I know people are using these sites to network. To build communities. To connect. To share etc etc. All great and wonderful things…. To a certain point. 

I wonder though isn’t this just another form of showing people what you only want people to know.  Another way the enemy works his mad skills of distancing people from real life. 

Keeping peoples attention on a camera lens or a small screen. 

How much of this screen time is distracting us from seeing others. Keeping us from being Jesus to people in real life? How much is social media distracting us from His real work? 

We need-

Real friendships.

Real communities. 

We need to have real authentic people who hear you when you are silent.  Who see the tears as they fall.  Who see you smile so big when prayer is answered. Who are around when you trip on your own two feet and point and laugh!

I see the cool things people are putting out there.  Not knocking these videos.  These video messages are amazing.  But when my phone sings a little  tweet sound every few hours from the same people my heart starts to hurt for them too. My phone sings that little song a lot more lately. 

Are they seeking attention? Needing a platform? Maybe.  Maybe they feel this is an easier way to connect without putting in real time or effort.  They are just too busy to plan coffee dates or play dates. Through the camera  they can connect safely.  

Maybe they do this form of communication so they can keep from getting hurt….

Maybe they do it all just because and there is no real motive. They haven’t thought of the time spent on their smart phone.  They see a two minute video as no biggie.  When two minutes is all have you have to give; there is a bigger problem. 

Being “too busy” is a distraction too. 

Maybe it is  just another social media distraction that they have to join to be in the world.  

I see the value in the social networking sites.  But I also see the addiction.  I see people moving away from close knit friendships and more into self serving relationships. I see the social sites distractions that are hurting others. I see people who have really closed off their lives and hearts to others.  It is pathetic.  

I look around coffee shops and water parks and everyone is on their phone; normally on a social media site…..this seems crazy!  Don’t let these sites distract you from real life. People all around you are needing real conversations, real I love yous and real touch.  

I guess just like all things there is a healthy balance. I will say though finding that balance can be difficult.   Post your status updates.  Take a cute picture of your food. Review the latest gas station.  Pin the latest work out.  Periscope your thoughts on world peace.  But then go out in the world.  Put your ass in the ring.  Make some real friends. Make some new friends.  Call a sister. Call your mother.  Take some time to participate in real life.  

You only get one life  .

And NOTHING you read or watch will ever replace that.