5 Ways To Relax and Refill; My Favorite Ways


I frequently run on emtpy. The problem is I run on empty so much that I don’t even recognize when I am on empty.

My car has a light that lets me know it is about to be on empty or it stops running when I have ignored that light; why can’t I have a light or warning beep or something?

😄 -Moving on-

So here are my top 5 favorite things to do when I need to relax, refill or re-find (or redefined) my heart. 5 easy and cheap things to do because we all know a trip to Italy or a girl’s weekend isn’t always in the budget.

1. A Mental Health Day
I just take a day off. No laundry, chores or cleaning. The kids also enjoy taking a day off. We play all day. We get take out for dinner (normally pizza) and we eat on paper plates. A mental health day is a great way to refill. It is okay to even take a mental health day without kiddos if you can do that, but if not it is okay to take a day off with them.

2. Go Somewhere
I don’t care where you live there is always some place to go and see; either a new place or some place beautiful that your heart loves no matter how many times you have seen it. A river, a flower garden, a zoo, old buildings, a museum etc etc. Sometimes just a few hours away from the real world helps you get a new perspective.

3. A Cup With A Green Straw
Okay, okay so maybe Starbucks is not your thing. However; whatever is your thing (chocolate, coffee, Sonic, cookies, yogurt etc etc) go get it and go enjoy it.

4. Something New
Something new can be anything. A new outfit, new book, new blog, new movie, new dinner place, new recipe…. Something new doesn’t even mean “new”. It just can be cheap, free, or borrowed. Something new to you. I like to read so a new blog or book is a perfect way to relax. I like to cook a new meal for my family. I like to drive a new route home every chance I get. So see something new doesn’t have to even cost you anything.

5. Fresh Air
I know nature is not for everyone. So hear me out on this before you discount this one. In the bible it talks about the wilderness. Going out. Being alone. Outdoors. Nature. So I have found fresh air does my heart good. I can see clearly and hear better when I am surround by His creation. So nature may not be your thing. BUT I am telling you that you don’t have to camp or go all glamping (camping all glamourous) on me; you can enjoy the fresh air on a patio. Or at the pool or lake. Just get some fresh air.

So there it is. My top 5 things to do when my heart is empty and I need to relax and refill. I hope something on this list helps you or encourages you to try it!


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