Oh how I long to run around naked everyday, all day…every where.

Totally free to put myself all out there.

Completely unashamed.

Abandoned of what others may think.

Freedom from what others may say.

I want to not cover up out of fear.

I want to stop hiding.

This desire to not be too much but to be enough is exhausting.

Tired of the masks that I feel forced to wear.

I want to smile when I want to smile.

And I want to cry when I want to cry.

Would I or could I dare to be brave, to be bold to bare it all?

I long to display it all.

I long to not scrutinize.

I long for others to join.

I long to expose my true self and to see others the way he made them, too.

Where can my heart finally be naked and free?

When can I be who I was made to be?

When will I feel completely safe to be the way he created me to be?

Oh this heart of mine….maybe it is time….no longer caged… No longer living up to expectations from any one but him….go…dare to be you…dare to bare it all.

Heart be naked and free.




I scream,
I fight;
I get a little mad.

I cry,
Hot tears come
Then the anger erupts again.

After the grief
The peace comes in;
Like a wave that rushes in quickly and wipes everything clean.

Then the process begins again.

Nothing- five minute Friday



that is what I feel; when days are rough

that is what I think I am; when the invitation doesn’t come

that is what I believe; when rejection happens again

that is what my heart has; when I don’t rejoice

that is what I hear; when I am screaming for help

this is what I see; when I do my best

this is what happens; when I am not brave

this is what overwhelms; when I don’t seek

that is what I have; when I refuse him as king

that is what I leave with when my time is over

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Best Seat

one lonely random chair
created for a purpose
left by the busy highway road
waiting to be rescued
or perhaps just waiting
for someone to see its worth
its value and beauty
it truly had the best seat
the best view of the pretty sunset
but everyone is so busy
they just kept driving by
missing their chance to recognize

the chair continues to wait in the golden light with a beautiful view ahead


As I wake up I hear 

Go. Be. Endless.

Go. Be. Big.  

As I brush my hair I see 

Go. Be. You.

Go. Be. Love. 

As I put on mascara I feel in my heart

Go. Be. Free.

Go. Be. Truth. 

As I wake up the kids I can hear their tiny feet run to a beat that says 

Go. Be. Life.

Go. Be. Fire. 

As I crack the eggs, the bacon crackles 

Go. Be. Light. 

Go. Be. Open.

As I wash the dishes the water splashes 

Go. Be. Victory. 

Go. Be. Bold.

As I put the kids to bed the moon shines down 

Go. Be. Loud.

Go. Be. Joy.

As I lay down the tears remind me I never even tried to Go or Be.  

As I begin to wipe the tears away and say perhaps another day; the arms of my father wrap around me and reminds me I can just 

Go. Be. His.