Stinking Thinking

Stinking thinking. I have been tossing this around in my head a lot lately. Recently, I was able to go with Fellowship of the Swords on Heart Quest and this teacher used the term “Stinking Thinking”. She was talking about it on a specific subject but while there and arriving home I just can’t seem to stop thinking about it and how it is effecting people; especially me.


We all have stinking thinking about many things, not just about one specific subject.


God just keeps whispering ” Stinking Thinking” to me any time my thinking starts to stink. He keeps confirming that I got another think coming. Something my grandfather use to say to us and for the first time in my life I actually believe him and understand this statement.


My heart and mind is filled with some real bad thinking.


What is stinking thinking? The best way I know how to describe it is: Thinking that is wrong. It is a perspective on a certain event or subject that is wrong, or twisted. It can be unforgiveness, or judgement about a person, place or thing. It is thinking that we know why a person says or does a certain thing. It is thinking that we need to know or understand why a person does something or does not to do something. It is thinking that may be coming from a hurt or lie and not coming from truth.


It is thinking that stinks.


With stinking thinking we don’t receive all that God has for us. Stinking thinking leads to or can cause trouble or hurt. It seems to stop freedom and healing from entering our lives. It can reject people or make you feel rejected. Sometimes it is something we teach to others like our kids or friends or something that has been taught to us. But one thing is for sure, stinking thinking is not allowing us to bring others to Jesus.


Stinking thinking is not from God and stinking thinking seems to be a serious problem.


I grew up thinking the worse would happen to me always; in EVERY and any sitaution. That people had/has the worse intentions or (COUGH) judging their motivatives or heart towards me or others. This is stinking thinking.


We assume we know people and think we have the right to think a certain way about them. This stinking thinking can lead us to assume people can’t or won’t change. We think we know the real truth behind their thoughts or actions. When really all this thinking seems to just hurt us, hurt them and continues a very nasty cycle.


Stinking thinking leads to judgement creeping in, unforgiveness sneaking up, bitterness taking root, anger rising and our hearts and minds are then covered with stink.


I am not pointing fingers here. I have a lot of stinking thinking I need to change, too. My only hope in sharing this is to bring up a subject that many of us need help in.

I hope this brings to mind some event or person that just maybe your thoughts have been clouded by stink. I hope that you will want to press in and really see the truth.


I know God will show you where your mind or heart is clouded with the wrong thinking. I know he will show you where stinking thinking came in. Honestly, I have read a lot of books and have gone through a lot of freedom classes and still have some stinking thinking to change.


The best way to know is when something comes up and you are thinking something: check it.


Which thought or thoughts screams satan or a lie? Which thought or thoughts whispers Jesus? His truth will always bring a sense of peace or love. His truth will ask you to love the other person regardless of what you think.


So some thoughts or ideas:


When some one cuts you off in traffic, instead of getting angry and taking it personal what if you just forgave and prayed for them?


When seeing a young girl wearing something that you don’t like or agree with, instead of passing judgement or thinking a bad thought of her what if you prayed for her? Talked to her? Became a friend?


When someone says something that you do not like or if you think they are lying, what if instead, you assumed that they were telling you the truth or just once again prayed for them? What if you stopped thinking badly about them and started thinking thoughts of love for them?


I am not asking for you to give your car keys to a stranger- remember that old sign “trust Jesus but lock your doors”. I am asking you to check your heart and mind when sitautions arise. I am asking you to look at it from His perspective. I just know when you see people or things or events from His perspective you can’t have stinking thinking.


I am challenging you this week to think about your own stinking thinking and how to change it. What areas do you need a new perspective or a heart change? What if we all started to think about people differently? Actually love people the way Jesus instructed us to? What if we started viewing things from His truth instead of from the lies the devil feeds us?